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Our love for Biryani and to serve the finest biryani to people we care for is what led us to open Ba-Khoob Biryani in 2020. We are a delivery-only restaurant located in Noida. As you may have already guessed, our speciality lies in Biryani and Mughlai dishes.

Original Recipes

Our recipes are unique and bring out the best in each dish. Try our dishes today to know the difference.

Quality Food

The ingredients that we use in our dishes are fresh and sourced locally. No additives, no chemicals, only delicious taste.

Fastest Delivery

For quick and fast delivery of food we continue work with our delivery partner to ensure timely delivery of your food.

Quality of food is extremely important to us. Hence, we source our ingredients naturally from local stores and use fresh ingredients that enhance the flavour of our dishes. Our special blend of spices take the beauty of the food that we serve to the next level. We would love to have you taste our range of Biryanis and Mughlai dishes, and fall in love with the taste.

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